Floor And Floor Treatments 3 (1+2)



It is composed of irregular shaped marble chips in a matrix of Portland cement. It has the properties of both concrete and stone flooring. It has been in use since long time. A terrazzo floor can last indefinitely. By changing the colors of marble chips quartzite, pearl and glass of sizes graded from 2 mm to 8mm are mixed in the matrix and different colors of flooring can be achieved. Usual colors include brown, black, red, gray and yellow mixed with white. It is suitable for use with under floor heating. Terrazzo flooring is laid in sections of different colors creating complex and beautiful designs.


These sections often are separated by metal stripping. Strips control cracking because of cold or heat. Because of terrazzo’s strength it can be very thin to the extent of 9 mm. It is suitable for hotel lobbies, banks, office and for exterior flooring because of its wear-resisting properties.

  • It needs no artificial or applied finish and has natural shine that resists wear.
  • It is not slippery.
  • Pitting is a common problem of neglected terrazzo surface, strong alkalies, salt, and acids causes black discoloration. In addition to this cracking can result from the dissolving of marble chips and the matrix.

Laying technique:

  • It should be laid on the concrete base sub- floor; joints can be sealed with silicone.
  • Surface requires a polish by means of grinding machine, after curing for several days.
  • During the process of grinding the surface is kept wet.
  • After grinding whole surface is washed with weak solution of mild soap and water.


  • Do not clean with strong acid or alkaline solution.
  • Maintain with sweeping and water wash.
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