Wild Style Garden Design


Lesson 06:Landscape Styles

Wild Style Garden Design

  • The concept of a wild garden is against formalism.
  • Such gardens are laid out for more, agreeable communication with nature.
  • Wild style of gardening follows no rules, but aim is to make the garden beautiful and natural.
  • Wide variety of trees, plants and creepers are used in a natural way.
  • No formal rules are followed and plants are allowed to grow in their natural shapes.
  • It enables the growing of many plants that have never yet found a place in a trimmed garden.

The features of wild garden style are

  1. Grass should remain unmoved as in nature and bulbous plants should be grown scattered in the grass to create a wild effect.
  2. Ornamental trees and shrubs are planted in forest flora and creepers are allowed to grow over the trees.
  3. Hundreds of the finest hardy flowers thrive much better in rough places than they ever did in the old-fashioned beds.
  4. In this style of garden, fine-leafed plants, ferns, flowers, climbers, grasses and trailing shrubs relieve each other in delightful ways.
  5. The passage to the garden is generally opened in woodland.
  6. In small gardens, every inch of space is needed to grow choice plants while the wild garden style is attempted only where a vast area is available.
  7. This type of garden combines a pleasing blend of beauty and utility with ecological and environmental needs.
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