Varieties of acidlime

Varieties of acid lime

    • It was developed at MAU, Parbhani, fruit medium size, heavy fruiting, fruit colour golden.


    • It was developed at MAU, Parbhani, high yielder, golden fruit colour, tolerant to canker.

    Sai Sarbati

    • Kagzi lime selection developed at Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidhyapeeth (MPKV), Rahuri, Maharashtra. Fruit surface smooth, fruits more uniform, good size, thin skin, high juice, TSS and acidity. High yield potential and tolerant to canker and tristeza.

    Tahiti lime Persian lime (C.latifolia)

    • It is large fruited acid lime. The plants are large, spreading, cold resistant, thornless, fruit large in size, seedless triploid, and produce non-viable pollen. It is considered as hybrid between lime and lemon. Fruit colour orange yellow, smooth surface, segments 8-10. It is a late variety.

    Rangpur lime(C. limonica)

    • It is indigenous to India and is commonly used as root stock. Rangpur lime is mainly grown for home consumption and ornamental purpose. It is also known as Marmalade orange. It has loose rind, easily separable segments and pulp is light orange yellow.

    Sweet lime (C.limetoides)

    • Generally, sweet lime is grown as a root stock for its non acidic fruits.

    Pummelo (C.grandis)

    • It is native of Polnasia and Malaysia and commonly grown in South China. Fruit is pyriform, largest fruit size among citrus fruits, rind thick, juice is acid bitter, juice sacs easily separable. Seeds are monoembryonic.

    Fruits are of two types

    (a) elongated pear shaped with neck
    (b) Oblate or globose, flattened and neckless. In India there is no improved cultivar except Nagpur Chakotra.

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