Varieties of Grape fruit (C.paradisi)

Varieties of Grape fruit (C.paradisi)

    • It was developed as chance seedling in Florida. It is the hardiest variety, fruit colour yellow, surface smooth, shape oblate to globose, size large, basal area depressed, apex round, rind medium thick, firm, axis medium in size, segments 12-14, seeds 25-50.


    • It belongs to pink or red pulp group and originated as bud sport of Walters grape fruit by R.B. Foster in 1906-07. Fruit colour is light yellow, surface smooth, oblate or globose shape, size medium large, base rounded, apex round, rind medium thick, segments 12-14, seeds 2-5. It is a late cultivar.


    • It is a bud sport of Marsh. Fruit colour light yellow, surface smooth, segments 10-12, seeds 2-5.


    • It belongs to pink or red pulp group. It is originated as bud sport from Thompson. Deep red colour which uniformly distributed throughout pulp

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