Grouven’s feeding standard


  • In 1859 Grouven, a German chemist published his feeding standard with crude protein, carbohydrates and fat contained in the feed as the basis of the standard.
  • According to this standard a cow weighing 1,000 lbs. should be fed 28.7 lbs. of dry matter containing 2.67 lbs. of crude protein 0.6 lb. of crude fat and 14.55 lbs. of crude carbohydrates.
  • Very soon after standard of Grouven, Henneberg and Stohmann found that the total nutrient contained in a feed did not form an accurate guide to its value.
  • The proportion of digestible parts varied with different feeds and hence the digestible nutrient would be more valuable.
  • So due to this defect Grouven’s feeding standard was abandoned.
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