Savage feeding standard


  • An American scientist Savage concluded that the Haecker's standard was too low especially in protein requirement and published his feeding standard in 1912 by increasing 20 percent of protein requirements.
  • He expressed his standard in terms of DCP and TDN and further showed that about 2/3 requirement of the dry matter should be met by feeding roughages and the remaining 1/3 from concentrates.
  • Fat content of the milk was also considered.
  • He suggested that in case of milking cows at least 24 lbs. of dry matter should be provided for an average cow.
  • The nutritive ratio should not be wider than 1:6 or narrow than 1:4.5.
  • According to this standard a cow weighing 1000 lbs will require 0.70 lbs TDN for maintenance. In addition to this, cow will require 0.065 lbs DCP and 0.350lbs TDN for every lbs of milk produced with 4 percent of fat.
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