Haecker’s feeding standard


  • Keeping in view the demerits of Wolff Lehmann standard, Haecker (1903)  an American worker formulated the feeding standard, who for the first time considered the quantity as well as the quality of milk produced in formulating a milk standard.
  • He took into account the allowance for the percentage of fat in the milk in addition to the requirement for maintenance, production and total milk yield.
  • He was also the first to separate the requirements for maintenance from the requirements of production  (milk yield).
  • His standards included digestible crude protein, carbohydrates and fats.
  • Later it was expressed as digestible crude protein and total digestible nutrients .
  • According to this standard a cow weighing 800 lbs will require 0.56 lbs DCP and 6.34 lbs TDN for maintenance and 0.054 lbs DCP and 0.341 lbs TDN for every lbs of milk with 4 percent fat in it.

Prof.T.L.Haecker (1907) American scientist

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