Spice crop

Spice crop
  • In pepper molecular markers are used for detecting sex of the plants at young stage or for phylogenetical studies.
  • Molecular markers like RAPD, AFLP and ISSR polymorphism were used to characterize important cultivars, varieties and related species of black pepper to develop fingerprints and to study the inter relationship.
  • Attempts are being made to isolate genes that could offer resistance to foot rot caused by Phytophthora capsici and clone coat protein genes for conferring resistance to viral diseases.
  • Attempts are made to clone resistance genes from allied species of Piper, namely P.colubrinum and use of markers for developing mapping population. Significant variation in DNA amount was observed among 9 species of Piper.
  • The DNA amount of a wild octoploid accession of P. nigrum was approximately double that of a cultivated tetraploid variety of the same species.
  • In vanilla RAPD and AFLP profiles coupled with morphological characters can be utilized to assess the variability and hybrid nature of genotypes and of successful interspecific hybridization and production of hybrids.

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