Salient breeding achievements and Future Prospect

Salient breeding achievements and Future Prospects
  • The varieties Italian Red and Local Brazilian are observed resistant to purple blotch.
  • Granex and Excel 35 are reported to be resistant to pink root
  • Some promising F1 hybrids identified are Abundance, Aristocrat, Banaza, Champion and Contender
  • F1 hybrids developed in India namely, Purple x Red, Purple x White and Red x White have more weight of plants and increased bulb diameter
  • Yellow-red colour of bulb was linked with resistance to Colletotrichum arienans
  • Punjab Selection and N 2-4-1 were good for dehydration. Pusa Red and Punjab Red Round were best suited for storage at room temperature (up to 5 months)
  • Developed CO ON.5 in aggregatum onion at TNAU which has profuse seed setting ability and can be propagated by seeds unlike the other varieties of aggregatum onion.
Future prospects
  • Development of varieties with improved quality and high yield suitable for different agro-climatic conditions
  • Breeding varieties resistant to major diseases and insect pests, such as purple blotch, basal rot, stemphyllium blight and thrips
  • Heterosis breeding for development of short-day, high yielding F1 hybrids in red, white and yellow types with longer storage life
  • Development of varieties of multiplier onion with bright red colour and higher bulblets
  • Standardization of improved package of practices particularly for new varieties and hybrids.

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