Disadvantages of Packaging

Food Preservation Storage

Lesson 15: Packaging, labeling and costing of food products

Disadvantages of Packaging

  • Higher weight incurs higher transport costs than other types of packaging
  • Lower resistance than other materials to fractures, scratches and thermal shock
  • More variable dimensions than metal or plastic containers
  • Potentially serious hazards from glass splinters or fragments in foods

Corrugated fibre board boxes
These boxes are made from die-cut corrugated fibre board where the Kraft papers are passed through corrugating machine to get the fluting media (corrugation) and finally stuck into a plain layer of Kraft paper (linerboard) by means of adhesives or gum to form 2 layer or 2 ply corrugation roll .

n m
Single face/ 2 ply corrugated fibre roll Single wall (Double face)/ 3 ply corrugated fibre roll
e d
Double wall/ 5 ply corrugated fibre roll Double wall/ 5 ply corrugated fibre roll

Similarly, 3 or 5 ply corrugated fibre board boxes can be made by pasting the adequate number of craft liner or facing material.

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