Rural Housing

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 14 : Housing Standards

Criteria For Healthful Housing

Rural Housing

In rural areas, the "approved" standards may be lower than in towns. The standards suggested areā€¦

  • there should be at least two living rooms
  • ample verandah space may be provided
  • the built area should not exceed one-third of the total area.
  • there should be a separate kitchen with a paved sink or platform for washing utensils
  • the house should be provided with a sanitary latrine
  • the window area should be at least 10 per cent of floor area
  • there should be a sanitary well or a tube well within quarter of a mile from the house
  • Cattle sheds should be at least 25 ft away from dwelling areas. A cattle shed should be open on all sides, area 8 x 4 ft2/head
  • there should be adequate arrangement for the disposal of waste water, refuse and garbage
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