Service Approach

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 48 : Health Education

Approaches To Health Education

Service Approach

  • First tried by Basic health Services in 1960’s
  • Aim : To provide all the health services needed by the people at their door steps on assumption that people would use them to improve their own health.6

But What Was The Outcome?

Reason: It was not based on the felt needs of the people.

For e.g. Water seal latrines

Bodh Gaya Gama

A hundred house village established in Bihar with Srilankan initiative and aid.8

Two room concrete houses with attached indoor flush toilet were provided.

But even after 6 months of allocating houses, the toilets remain unused and housewives prefer to cook in open


People will not accept a programme or service, even if it is offered free of cost, unless its not based on their felt needs

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