Primary Health Care Approach

Health Hygiene & Sanitation

Lesson 48 : Health Education

Approaches To Health Education

Primary Health Care Approach 18

New approach starting from the People with their full participation and active involvement in planning and delivery of health services based on principles of primary health care, which are community involvement and intersectoral coordination.

Aim: To help people become self reliant in matters of health.

How to Achieve This Goal: The necessary guidance from health care providers in identifying their health problems and finding workable solutions.


Models of Health Education

They are also classified as follows inorder to achieve behavioral changes in an individual & in community

  1. Medical model
  2. Motivation model
  3. Social intervention model
  1. Medical Model 21
  2. Objective – dissemination of health information based on scientific facts

    • Developed on assumption that people would act on information supplied by health professionals
    • Mainly deals with
    • Recognition and treatment of diseases
    • Technological advances to facilitate process

  3. Motivational Model
    • Concerned with disease (as defined by doctor) or opposed to illness (as defined by client)
    • Disadvantages : social, cultural and psychological factors were given least importance
    • Failure : didn’t bridge gap between knowledge and behavior
    • 22


    • The new idea or acquired behavior becomes part of his own existing values. This is called Internalization.
    • Stages are not necessarily rigid.
    • Skipping of stages
    • In a community: People in different stages of adoption process
    • Adoption is slow at first & increases as more people accept it .


    Insufficient behavior modification

    • To adopt small family norm
    • To reduce smoking
    • Raising age for marriage
    • Elimination of dowry etc


    Social environment is not considered as factor modifying behavior.

  4. Socio-Intervention Model
  5. Objective:

    Emphasis on social environment of an individual

      • Importance of group approval.
      • Gregarious nature of human beings.
      • Decision making Ex: Vasectomy ,loop insertion
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