Effects of Essential Fatty Acid deficiency

Human Nutrition 3(3+0)
Lesson 15 : Lipids

Effects of Essential Fatty Acid deficiency

The development of off-flavours in fats is known as rancidity. There are three main types of rancidity


  • Effects of Essential Fatty Acid deficiency in Human beings

    This is one of the common disorders of malnutrition observed in adults and children. The condition is characterized by the presence of horny popular eruptions on the posterior and lateral aspects of the limbs, on the back and buttocks. Phrynoderma is cured rapidly by the administration of linseed or safflower seed oil which are rich in essential fatty acids (EFA) along with B – complex vitamins but not by vitamin A.

  • Deficiency in Infants
    Hansen and co-workers have reported that infants fed on a EFA deficient diet developed perennial irritation and changes in the skin within a few weeks. The skin changes appeared as dryness, thickening and desquamation with oozing in the intertriginous folds. Supplementation of the diet with linoleic acid restored the skin to normal condition within two weeks.
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