Dietary sources

Human Nutrition 3(3+0)
Lesson 39 : Sodium

Dietary sources

Cereals are poor sources of sodium containing 4 to 18 mg/100 g. Some cereal products, such as bread, biscuits and corn flakes are rich sources as salt is added during processing.

Pulses are moderate sources of sodium containing 29-95 mg/100 g.

Nuts and oilseeds are poor to moderate sources (6-41 mg/100g). Salted groundnuts or cashew nuts are rich sources of sodium.

Cow’s milk is a good source of sodium containing about 50 mg/100 ml. One litre of milk will supply about 500 mg. Salted butter and processed cheese are rich sources of sodium as NaCl is added during processing.

Egg, meat and fish are moderate sources of sodium. Cured pork and salted fish are very rich sources of sodium as salt is added during processing.

Vegetables are poor to fair sources (4 to 71 mg/ 100g) while fruits are poor sources (1 to 3 mg/ 100g).

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