Human Physiology

Lesson 41 : Membrane Potentials


Grey mater: is grayish portion of CNS which mainly contains nerve cell bodies.

White mater: is whitish portion of CNS which mainly contains nerve fibers.

Meninges: are sheet like covering around brain and spinal cord i.e. CNS. There are three

Dura mater: is fibrous outermost meninx providing protection to delicate nervous tissue.

Arachnoid mater: is vascular middle layer containing blood vessels and perform nutritive function.

Pia mater: is innermost layer just surrounding brain and spinal cord.

Ventricles: are hollow cavities present in brain and these are filled with cerebrospinal fluid.

Cerebrospinal fluid: is lymph of CNS that fills ventricles of brain, central canal of spinal cord and meningeal spaces. It provides cushion like protection to CNS by absorbing mechanical shock.

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