Environmental effects /Consequences of deforestation

Lesson 2: Environmental resources

Environmental effects /Consequences of deforestation

  1. Food problems

  2. Ecological imbalance

  3. Increasing CO2

  4. Floods leading to soil erosion

  5. Destruction of resources

  6. Heavy siltation of dams

  7. Changes in the microclimate

  8. Loss of biodiversity

  9. Dessication of previously moist forest soil

  10. Heavy rainfall and high sunlight quickly damage the topsoil in clearings of the tropical rainforests. In such circumstance, the forest will take much longer to regenerate and the land will not be suitable for agricultural use for quite some time.

  11. Where forests are replanted, their replacement can mean a loss of quality

  12. Loss of future markets for ecotourism. The value of a forest is often higher when it is left standing than it could be worth when it is harvested.

  13. Some indigenous peoples’ way of life and survival are threatened by the loss of forests. Fewer trees results an insecure future for forest workers

  14. Deforestation can cause the climate to become extreme in nature. The occurrence and strength of floods and droughts affecting the economy.

  15. The stress of environmental change may make some species more susceptible to the effect of insects, pollution, disease and fire

  16. Most humid regions changes to desert

  17. Environmental pollution

  18. Global warming

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