Case study & displacement

Lesson 2: Environmental resources

Case study & displacement

182 villages in Madhya Pradesh will be affected due to the construction of reservoir while dam is in Gujarat. 60 to 80 thousand people will be displaced. It is believed that larger areas of Gujarat will be irrigated and many more thousands of people will be benefited by Sardar Sarovar dam. But people of Madhya Pradesh had to make sacrifices out of which many of them are ancient tribals.

Displacement of people by minning

Most mining work leads to water and air pollution, despoliation of land and deforestation, noise and ground vibration problems etc. Mining operations affected forest and cultivated land areas mainly in U.P., Bihar, M.P., Orissa and A.P. The use of land on large scale for townships, communication, excavation and transport affected the socioeconomic and geology of these areas.

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