Health impact of water pollution

Lesson 16: Water pollution

Health impact of water pollution

Water born diseases
Bacterial infections Typhoid, cholera, paratyphoid fever, bacillary, dysentery
Viral Infection Jaundice, poliomyelitis, infectious hepatitis

A large number of chemicals that either exist naturally in the land or are added due to human activity dissolve in the water, thereby contaminating it and leading to various diseases.

  1. Pesticides- the organophosphate and the carbonates present in pesticides affect and damage the nervous system. Causing cancer, reproductive and endocrinal damage.
  2. Lead: is hazardous to health as it accumulates in the body and affects the central nervous system.
  3. Fluoride: excess fluorides can cause yellowing of the teeth and damage to the spinal cord and other crippling diseases.
  4. Nitrates: drinking water that gets contaminated with nitrates can prove fatal especially to infants that drink formula milk as it restricts the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain causing the “Blue Baby syndrome”.
  5. Petrochemical: benzene and other petrochemicals can cause cancer even at low exposure level.
  6. Chlorinated solvent: these are linked to reproductive disorders
  7. Arsenic: it causes liver and nervous damage, vascular disease and also skin cancer.
  8. Other heavy metals: it causes damage to nervous system and kidney and other metabolic disruptions.
  9. Salt: makes fresh water unusable for drinking.

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