Pre-termite treatment

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 14 : Anti termite treatment

Pre-termite treatment

The main objective of pre-termite treatment is to create a chemical barrier within the sboil which stops termite from surfacing and attacking the wood in our homes. This treatment is less expensive than post termite treatment. The reason being wide area is open and the treatment area is easier to access and also requires less labour and less pesticides. To pre treat the soil for termite prevention the treatment is applied several times in the process of constructing home.

Pre Termite treatment is basically done on a Crawl space and for a Slab. The methods for both of them vary and are discussed below:


  1. The land is graded first, and then the batter boards are installed to form the foundation.
  2. Footings are dug and poured.
  3. Once the footings are ready, the foundation is build using brick or blocks over the footings.
  4. The foundation is backfilled with soil.
  5. The pipes are laid down and more filling is done if needed.
  6. At this point the slab area is treated with chemicals.
  7. A plastic vapor barrier is installed that allows water from reaching the slab.
  8. Slab becomes pourent.

Crawl space:

  1. Footings and Pillars are placed and then the concrete is poured.
  2. Once the concrete is ready, trenches are dug.
  3. Treatment is applied to the soil and is added back to the trench.
  4. Backfill is added to the interior of the foundation and the soil is treated.
  5. A plastic Vapor barrier is added to the crawl space once the foundation is dried.

After the final grading on the exterior of the slab or around the footings is done, then this area is treated as well. Another treatment is recommended after the home is completely built. For this treatment, we need to apply a continuous spray around the structure to create a chemical barrier around the home. The barrier on the outside of the foundation should be at least 12 to 18 inches from the slab out into the yard. Hence, once the chemical barrier is placed, it protects the home from termites for years.

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