Post-termite treatment

Fittings, Fixtures And Services 3(1+2)

Lesson 14 : Anti termite treatment

Post-termite treatment

Stage 1: Treatment to wall and floor junction:

  1. Holes of 12mm diameter 18-20 inches apart is drilled along the inner junction of wall and floor at depth of 6''on the entire ground and 4” on the first floor premises.
  2. Termiticide solution is injected under pressure into these holes to create barrier against termites.
  3. If heavy infestation is noticed on 2nd and above floors the same treatment will be carried out on that particular floor.

Stage 2: Treatment to wooden fixtures:

  1. Holes of 12mm diameter are drilled at the base of wooden-fixtures such as window frames and doorframes adjoining the flooring and termiticide solution will be injected.
  2. This treatment is carried out on all floors (except basements/Terrace).
  3. An oil-based termiticide is sprayed on all the woodwork infested by the termites within the premises.
  4. Special care is taken in case furniture attached to the wall as the termites can easily attack them.
  5. Drilling is also carried out at the base of all such fixture and termiticide solution will be injected.

Stage 3: Treatment to termite tubes:

  1. Visible shelter mud tubes are first sprayed, to control the existing movement of termites.
  2. The mud tube is then removed and treatment is given to the infested area.

Stage 4: Treatment along the external perimeter of the building:

  1. Trenching or drilling holes of 12mm diameter 12 inches apart along the external walls of the building at depth of 1ft. is carried out to create a chemical barrier/killing field around the building.
  2. All the drilled holes are sealed.
  3. If the building is on stilt, holes are drilled along the column side at ground level.
  4. If there is loose earth around the walls of the building, roding is done on every feet adjacent to the external surfaces of the foundation wall up to a depth of 500 mm from the ground level.
  5. If building is surrounded by garden, the treatment is carried out to soil, which is in immediate contact with the building.
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