Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)


Furniture and furniture arrangement defines the purpose/use of an area or room. Furniture once purchased lasts for great number of years rather quality furniture are passed on to next generation also in family living. So investment on furniture is a long term plan, hence needs a through planning and budget.

The important points to be considered in selection of furniture are listed as follows.
  • The purpose and person intended to use the furniture
  • Availability of space
  • Size and scale of furniture
  • Practical considerations / functionality
  • Convenience, comfort and flexibility
  • Mobility, materials and construction

In general, while buying furniture some of the points to be kept in mind are size and economic status of the family, the need of the family members availability of space, existing furniture, type of wood furniture to be purchased, available budget, maintenance, utility, comfort, design and the quality.

Once the decision for buying in furniture is done, one needs to know the availability of space, the size and scale of furniture in relation to availability of space along with the purpose, functionality, the possible arrangement with enhancing aesthetics of the room. The practical considerations of the person who utilizes the furniture should be given utmost concern, so that the very purpose of functionality is achieved.

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