Oriental rugs

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson 08 :Furnishings in interiors

Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs combine well with either traditional or contemporary furnishings. Oriental design rugs are machine-made reproductions or hand-knotted Orientals. A modified Jacquard loom constructs an Oriental design rug so the design shows on both the back of the rug and the surface. This technique makes them look the same as hand-knotted Oriental rugs. Authentic Oriental rugs are all hand-knotted of wool or silk and are costly. Some are woven or tufted. The yarn may be wool or synthetic.


Oriental rugs are produced all over. The pattern and colors used in any Oriental rug design are based on the original tribe, town or region. In productions some manufacturers maintain original designs and colors, while others select colors of their own liking and create their own design interpretation. Oriental rug quality is judged by the type of knot used, pile depth, closeness of weave (number of knots per square inch), the fineness of the yarn, richness of the color, fastness of the dye and subtleness of the pattern.

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