Classification characteristics styles types sizws and placement of soft floor furnishings

Fundamentals of Art and Design 3(1+2)

Lesson 08 :Furnishings in interiors

Classification characteristics styles types sizws and placement of soft floor furnishings

Traditional Indian decor furnishings can be either custom made or can be chosen from the readymade furnishings. A wide variety of luxury home furnishings both contemporary and modern furnishings with classic looks and modern in trend are available. Thus, the interior decor furnishings and accessories industry are emerging as professionally competent with the advances of technology. The success in decorating depends upon the skillful handling of color, space, texture, pattern and light in the interiors. In addition, the style, size and shape of furniture, utility of the room and furniture, the size and shape of the windows are important considerations while designing soft furnishings for interiors. Furnishings must be used in a distinctive style, such that it gives warmth and comfort. Furnishings will be subjected to different types of wear and tear and the fabric from which it is made should be suitable for the purpose. Thus soft furnishings are used in window treatments, doors, furniture, and floor coverings. So furnishings in interiors can be classified as floor furnishings, upholstery, window/door furnishings and bed furnishings. The classification and its broad components are depicted in fig 8.1.

Fabrics and designs for soft furnishings

For the interior furnishings and home decor accessories, the base materials used are the basic fabrics being cotton, wool, rayon, polyester and silk. They are further embroidered with works like machine or hand embroidery, zari, phulkari, bandhani, with beads and mirror work, appliqué and patchwork. For bed throws, furnishings are available in different materials like cotton, suede, acrylic, rayon, silk, linen, wool and more. A blend of fabrics can also be used and then beautified using different design techniques like- batik prints, hand block prints, tie & dye, embossing, leheria, etc. Rugs, mats and doormats, are made of coir, wool, and blends of cotton wool, polyester, wheat and rice straws.

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