Preshrinking for non washable fabrics


Preshrinking for non washable fabrics

For fabrics that are to be dry-cleaned only, the yardage should be dry-cleaned or steam shrunk. Before trying to steam shrink, a corner of the fabric should be tested, to make sure it does not show water spots.

  1. Dampen either the fabric or a press cloth, and steam press directly on the press cloth over the wrong side of the fabric until it is dry.
  2. Lay on flat surface to dry (Do not hang it up).
  3. Press lightly on wrong side.
  4. Once the fabric is preshrunk, press to eliminate the wrinkles. Make sure the center crease, created by the manufacturer’s fold, is pressed out. If it cannot be eliminated, work around it when laying out the pattern pieces.

Note: To determine if the fabric has a tendency to shrink, cut a 2"-square swatch of the fabric. Wet the square, and then press it dry with a steam iron. Draw a 2" square on paper and lay the dry fabric swatch over it. If the swatch fills the box, the fabric has not shrunk.

Last modified: Tuesday, 15 November 2011, 9:50 AM