Lesson 15 : Clothing Requirements for Toddlers


The right fabrics for preschoolers would be those that are
  • Absorbent so that they do not irritate the child’s sensitive skin
  • Comfortable to wear and soft to touch
  • Wrinkle resistant and therefore easy to maintain
  • Do not soil readily

It is better to avoid clothes that require dry cleaning. Cotton is the best choice for children’s clothing as it is easily washable and comfortable to wear. A blend of cotton and polyester is often more comfortable for child than all polyester as it is more absorbent. Wool is warm but requires some special care and may irritate delicate skins. Acrylic sweaters may show pilling but are warm and machine washable & require no special care. Trims are undoubtedly attractive on children’s clothing but should be selected with thought. If a trim is not colour fast it ruins a garment. Some braids may shrink more than the fabric itself causing puckering.

Materials suitable for boy’s suits and shorts are lawn cloth, poplin, gingham, gabardine, Khadi, soft denim and Jean etc. Girl’s dresses need more fullness and hence use soft materials such as lawn, poplin, gingham, voile, mulmul, cambric etc.

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