Clothing requirements for the preschool child

Lesson 15 : Clothing Requirements for Toddlers

Clothing requirements for the preschool child

Children between 3 to 6 years of age are termed as ‘pre-schoolers’. At this age the child is engaged mostly in play and hence clothes should be suitable for their physical activities. At the same time comfort and health features should not be overlooked, while selecting clothes for the child.

Preschoolers have a distinct liking and disliking for different clothing and they like to wear clothes that are similar to their playmates, which give them a sense of belonging to the group. A little boy will not enjoy wearing a new jacket when his playmates are all wearing sweaters. A child may suffer from being overdressed or feel inferior because he is not as well dressed as his friends. Dressing up like their playmates is necessary for their social development but at the same time clothes should be suitable for their physical activities which are equally important for child’s physical development. While at play, pre-school children like to run, jump, climb, carry, push and pull with ease. Thus, one should select light weight; well-fitted, comfortable garments with less constructional details which will not create hindrance in playing.

Consequently, proper clothing not only enhances growth and development of the child but also gives the child pleasure and self confidence, thus making childhood a delightful period.

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