Wardrobe of pre-schooler

Lesson 15 : Clothing Requirements for Toddlers

Wardrobe of pre-schooler

A preschooler may have exact preferences for colour type and style of garment to wear. Shorts, slacks, frocks, overalls, trousers and jeans are favourite play clothes of pre-schooler.

Little girls’ dresses can be very attractive in a simple style with becoming lines and colours and simple trims. Dress length should never be too long otherwise it might come under the feet while playing. Some girls like dress shoes and garments to be very feminine, preferring frilly petticoats and full skirts that make an “effect” when twirling. As little girls grow up, they enjoy having some accessories “just like mothers” like purses etc.

Pre-school boys are rarely as fashion conscious as little girls but they want to be dressed like other boys as well as be comfortable. Most children copy the dress habits of their peers and feel uncomfortable when dressed differently. Clothing with self-help features and sturdy garment construction is essential for little boys. If all trousers or overalls are of the same style, self-help is easier and the small one feels more secure. Diversity in clothing can be obtained by having variations in colour and fabric.

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