Quality Of Life

Lesson 01 : Introduction To Family Resource Management

Quality Of Life

Quality of life- is the accomplishment of feeling of maximum satisfaction to the family members by the use of material and non material resources. The quality of life can be measured with in a society through some partial indicators like the material and non material resources.

The Gross National Product (GNP) is one of the measures to assess the quality of life which is based on the material resources. It is the total summary of the value of goods and services produced primarily through gainful employment. It is the average at national level usually only the positive growth is considered to assess the Gross National Product and the negative aspects like the effect of growth like environmental degradation, employment problems, health and occupational problems etc. are not taken into account.

The non material accomplishments or negativities like the feeling of satisfaction due to social change, change in life style etc. are left out due to the difficulty in measuring them. We do not have one set of standards which measures the quality of life by meeting all persons needs and services. Each country has its own standers’ to measures the quality of life. The life styles play an important role in deciding the quality of life.

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