Lesson 03 : Concept Of Family Resources Management


Management is a key to happy living. The dictionary meaning of management is the manner of handling the institution, be it a firm, farm, industry or home with proper control and skill in manipulating resources. Management does not have a general rigid set of rules and actions, but it is a set of flexible responses to a particular situation. Management can be defined as a planned, dynamic and continuous activity directed towards the realization of values and the goals of the institution or individual.

Home management deals with the ways of using the resources by the family. Gross defined Home management as ‘the purposeful behavior involved in the creation and use of resources to achieve the family goals’. It makes use of the findings of science and of knowledge concerning all aspects of family life- economic, social, psychological, physical spiritual and technical. It is the process of using the knowledge to selection and application of resources to meet demands of living situations, to solve problems and to resolve conflicts.

Home management consists of ‘a series of decisions making processes of using family resources to achieve family goals’ (Gross et al 1973). Paolucci explained management as ‘that aspect of human behavior which has to do with the process used by the home makers for determining and achieving home centered goals.

Verghese, defined Home management as the mental process of utilizing the available resources to achieve what you want’. Effective management enhances the chances of reaching the goals early by making wise decisions and using minimum resources to attain the desired quality of life.

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