Lesson 03 : Concept Of Family Resources Management


Values are the key to all motivating factors in human behaviour. Value, as a concept is vague and subjective although it is very important to an individual. Values provide a basis for judgement, discrimination and analysis and it is these qualities that make intelligent choices possible between alternatives. Thus, values are the fundamental forces that force or motivate human activities and endeavours.

According to Gross and Crandall a value is always important to the person who holds it. It is desirable and satisfying. It has the ability to develop in self-creative way and it tends to endure. It is a concept of the desirable, explicit or implicit which governs our choice of methods, modes or goals.

The term value signifies the meaning or definition of worth that is attached to any object, condition, principle, or idea. It is the believed capacity of something or somebody to satisfy a human desire. It is attached with something important or significant. It is something that is considered as valuable.

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