Attributes Of Standards

Lesson 15 : Attributed Of Standards And Standard Of Living By Families

Attributes Of Standards

Attributes of Standards are Clarity, flexibility, reality and complexity are the important attributes of standards.


Clarity of Standard tells about the specification of quality or quantity of related materials. Standards are guidelines for management activity, clearer the quality- quantity elements, the more it is possible to control resource inputs or to assure desired outcomes.

Flexibility in Standard is the range of acceptable qualitative quantitative factors for a situation. This indicates about less rigidity toward standard setting.


Reality in Standard is the feasibility of achieving the chosen quality/ quantity. When work can be accomplished as planned, that shows the standard for the task are realistic.


Complexity in Standard is the interrelationship of persons, tasks and standards, complexity includes the qualitative, quantitative interactions within or between tasks involving one or more persons. Some important complexity factors that affect standard setting are

  1. the scope of the choice to be made
  2. the clarity of ordering the goal criteria
  3. the adequacy of resources and
  4. the number of persons involved.

Ex: When resources are inadequate complexity increases may be high for

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