Lesson 46 : Work Simplification


Work simplification presents a challenge to managers of all type of activities. Homemaking is an important and full time job for many homemakers. Many women who also hold jobs outside home face many demands on their time. Home­making involves a special sort of labour known as house work, and it is essential to run the home.

The characteristics of household work show that: (1) it is tedious, monotonous and time consuming; (2) it needs lot of patience and various types of skills. In view of these points it becomes more necessary to know how to simplify the work by acquiring knowledge of work simplification techniques applicable to different household tasks.

Work well done is satisfying and rewarding. But work in­efficiently done, without skill and· under pressure, gives rise to frustration and unhappiness. A well managed home is neces­sary to happy family life. "Scientific management" means application of science to management problems. It includes the handling of machines, materials and people and it recog­nizes that of these three, people are the most important as they do the actual job. The use of scientific management is helpful. In order to conserve the human element, we must find out what is the one best way to do each job (Gilbreth, Thomas and Clymer, p. 4).

A homemaker has to perform many types of jobs to be one at home. She is often interrupted in her work, or she herself must interrupt in order to get to another job. In order to get everything done she may have to neglect her own social life or personal talents and hobbies for lack of time. She may suffer from physical fatigue, anxiety and tension due to heavy demands on her time and energy due to house chores.

The research studies have shown that by using work sim­plification one can reduce time given to one job; it can reduce the number of motions and improve type of motions on a specific task. It can reduce boredom of routine habits of work. It may fur!-her reduce frustration arising due to lack of effectiveness on a job.

Time and energy are closely related and if these are blended properly the work of the housewife will be much simplified. This can be achieved to a great extent by,

  1. Motion mindedness
  2. Work simplification techniques.
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