2.1.8 Choice between Primary and Secondary data

2.1.8 Choice between Primary and Secondary data

The investigator must decide at the outset whether he will use primary data or secondary data in an investigation. The choice between the two depends mainly on the following considerations:

(i) Nature and scope of the enquiry,

(ii) Availability of financial resources,

(iii) Availability of time,

(iv) Degree of accuracy desired, and

(v) The collecting agency, i.e., whether an individual, an institution or a Government body.

It may be pointed out that most statistical analysis rests upon secondary data. Primary data are generally used in those cases where the secondary data do not provide an adequate basis for analysis. In certain cases, both primary as well as secondary data may be employed. The reason why secondary data are being increasingly used is that published statistics are now available covering diverse fields so that an investigator finds required data readily available to him in many cases.

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