Themada - Arundinella cover (Area : 2,30,400


  • This type of grassland is found in the northern belt from 450 to 2500 meters elevation and includes species such as Themada anathera, Arundinella spp., Eulaliopsis binata, Chrysopogon sp., Heteropogon contortus and Pennisetum orientale. Legumes are represented by Desmodium and Crotalaria ; degraded stages are recognized in the cover by Dimeria, Chrysopogon, Heteropogon and Eragrostis.

Management :

  • Themada anathera is the key species of the cover in this hilly region. Measures designed for soil conservation are essential for the proper management of this type of cover and the present practice of mowing the grass for hay appears to be the best practice under their circumstances.
  • Light grazing during the monsoon months and moderate grazing later on, followed by cutting the grass for hay once in 3-4 years would be a good balance between the demands of livestock and the requirements of the grassland.
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