Conservation of soil and moisture


  • The proper conservation of both water and soil is an integral part of all good grassland management systems. When properly grazed, eroding forces are kept in check and the grassland is in balance with erosive factors and no special conservation measure could be needed, but when grasslands have been mismanaged by neglect and over grazing for many years, soil and water conservation measures becomes essential for any improvement plan.
  • On degraded grassland especially on sloppy ground, the first measure of improvement could be to prevent any further erosion of the soil. Where the erosion has already progressed to the stage of gully formation, dams will have to be put across the gully channels.
  • A number of small check dams being more effective than a few large ones. Terraces or surges are useful in high rainfall regions in directing water from the slopes to the channels with a minimum of soil loss from the grasslands.
  • Erosion can be controlled by avoiding excessive removal of herbage, adopting contour bunding for soil as well as moisture conservation.
Last modified: Monday, 29 August 2011, 11:03 AM