Pasture – pastural farming or ranching


  • Pastures are grass land where grasses are grown and animals are allowed to graze. In pasturing the animals, there is no expenditure involved for raising fodder, harvesting and distribution as in the case of stall feeding there by reducing the cost of production.

Pastural Farming or Ranching:

  • It is a type of farming practice in which livestock are reared by pasture.
  • It is a common practice in cooler regions like Australia and New Zealand where wool production is a common feature.
  • In Tamil Nadu at Darapuram, Kangeyam breeds are commonly reared for draught purpose. Usually the common grass Cenchrus ciliaris is cultivated under rainfed conditions. For the first 2 years the animals will not be allowed inside the field because of the initial establishment of the pasture.
  • Pastures are of two types
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