Field preparation


  • For both irrigated and rainfed grasses, especially perennial grasses, deep ploughing with disc/mould board plough is essential. Because the perennials will be maintained in the field for many years. Their fibrous roots must have more soil depth for effective uptake of soil moisture and nutrients.
  • Deep ploughing is essential to eliminate unwanted weeds besides improving the infiltration of soil for better harvest of rain water, especially in rainfed areas.
  • For better utilization of water, the scarce commodity, beds and channel or ridges and furrows system of irrigation is recommended.
  • Mostly ridges and furrows system is preferred, not only for higher water use efficiency (WUE) compared to beds and channels but also for certain other advantages such as easy cultural operations in view of line sowing/planting on the ridges.
  • Under rainfed condition, in particular for pasture development, when there is no water for irrigation, formation of ridges and furrows or beds and channels are not needed.
  • Instead, after ploughing, the land is left as such for sowing. Sometimes, if needed, leveling of ploughed field will be done.
Last modified: Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 7:42 AM