Green fodder yield


  • The green fodder yield ranges from 300-350 t/ha in respect of BN hybrid grass, for guinea grass it ranges from 200-250 t/ha and for buffalo grass it ranges from 120-180 t/ha. Deenanath will yield 50-60 t/ha and Teosinte will give 30-35 t/ha.
  • Kolukattai grass(Cenchrus sp.) yields about 20-30 t/ha. The other rainfed grasses yields on an average 10-15 t/ha/year. We must remember that yield is the function of genetic potential, environment and management factors.

Y = Genetic potential (Variety) x Environment (Climate & soil) x Management (Agronomic packages)

  • When any one of the above three factors are below optimum, then the yield will be reduced drastically. This implies that even with good variety and suitable soil and climate for a particular crop, without proper agronomic management will result in poor yield.
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