• It is an important operation to be done both for irrigated and rainfed grass at the early stage of the crop, between 20-40 days after sowing/ planting.
  • Otherwise, the grass will be suppressed by the prolific growth of weeds and this may result in gaps in the field (due to mortality of grasses) and ultimately results in reduction in the green fodder yield.
  • Preferably weeding with hand hoes is better since it creates better aeration for soil by the way of scrapping the soil surface.
  • Depending on the weed intensity and nature of grass growth, either one weeding (between 20-30 days) or two weedings (20th and 40th day) may be needed.
  • Under irrigated condition, weeding and earthing up is essential after every harvest.
  • In rainfed condition, unwanted bushes, shrubs and prominent weeds should be removed as and when they are noticed.
  • Once in a year, shallow ploughing with worn out country plough or worn out tractor tiller harrow, may be given. This practice not only keeps the unwanted weeds under check but also incidentally improves soil aeration and grass growth by root pruning, besides conserving rain water.
Last modified: Tuesday, 11 October 2011, 8:53 AM