Agrostological measures


  • Grasses are used to prevent soil erosion by intercepting rainfall, binding the soil particles and by improving soil structure.
  • Grasses should be perennial, drought resistance, rhizomniferous, develop good canopy, deep root system, prostrate in habit and useful for cottage industries. Eg. Chloris gayana, Dicanthilum annulatum, Heteropogon contortus etc.
  • Grass legumes association is ideal for soil conservation. Legumes build up soil fertility by fixing atmospheric nitrogen.
  • Grasses are used to stabilize the surface of waterways, contour bunds, bench terraces etc.
  • Further, grasses improve, the soil structure, porosity, infiltration and also add organic matter to the soil.  

 A good example of grass–legume association is Cenchrus ciliaris +  Stylosanthes hamata.

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