Measures to control wind erosion


Should aim at reducing the wind velocity and altering soils characteristics.

Reducing wind velocity

  • Adopting vegetative measures or tillage measures or mechanical measures can reduce wind velocity.
    • Vegetative measures
      • A long barrier of a several rows of trees planted across wind direction is called as shelter belts and is useful for soil and moisture conservation as it filters the wind and at the same time lift it from the surface.
      • Some of the commonly used tree species are Prosopis specigera, Albizzia amara, Tamarindus indica, Eucalypthus species etc. Close growing crops like ground nut, green grass are more effective.
    • Tillage measures
      • Rough and clody surface resists the force of wind from causing erosion. Stubble mulching reduces wind velocity and also trop the eroding soil.
      • Physical obstructions such as fences, terraces known as wind breaks reduces the wind velocity.

Altering soil factor

  • Bigger the size of the aggregates, lesser will be the effect of wind on soil erosion. Soil aggregates can be improved by increasing the organic matter content.
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