Overcoming soil-physical constraints


  • Dryland farmer may confront with one or more of the following soil physical constraints.
  • Surface crusting
    • The problem is experienced in light soils where seeding emergence is hampered. Incorporation of stubble of crop residues minimizes crusting.
    • Set line cultivation, seeding on ridges also minimises the effect of crusting. In case where crusting has occured, passing of thorny branches on the surface reduces crusting.
  • Soil cracking
    • This is a serious problem of heavy textured soils. Intercultivation, mulching and selection of short duration varieties, which may complete the life cycle before the cracks develop can tackle this problem.
  • Textural profiles and hard pans
    • Deep ploughing, chiselling and growing of deep rooted crops help to over come these problems.
Last modified: Wednesday, 3 August 2011, 7:32 AM