What are the losses in storage?


  • Loss  is measured  as  reduction in  weight  in  the  amount  of  feed  available  for consumption.  Loss  may  be 
    • Quantitative
    • Qualitative
    • Economical
    • Nutritional  and  
    • Germinative
  • The loss  can  be  prevented  or  reduced  by  better  management  at pre-harvesting stage, during  harvesting, threshing  and shelling,  drying and  by  applying  sound  storage practices.
  • Grains stored  under favourable  conditions for  many years  undergo  relatively  minor changes in  composition  and can  be used as  a source  of  nutritious  and  palatable  food  or  animal  feed,  but under  unfavourable conditions  result  in  complete  spoilage of  grain  for  food or  feed  purpose  within  a  few  days.
Last modified: Monday, 1 August 2011, 6:17 AM