• At temperature of 32°C rate of multiplication of insect species is fifty times. The nutritive requirements of insects are same as those of vertebrates.
  • Crops with high nutritive value are more susceptible to insect damage. Dead and live insects and their excreta cause the commodity unpalatable and unacceptable.

  • Good hygiene.
  • Cleaning and checking of storage containers as well as the stored food as far as possible.
  • New dry grain should be kept separate from old grain.
  • Stores should be remote from the field to reduce the risk of infestation.
  • Traditional pest control system such as use of local herbs, mixing ash with grain and smoking are effective and should be encouraged.
  • Making use of grain storage insecticides like
    • Contact poisons such as dust, dispersible powders and emulsions (Malathion),
    • Fumigants: Gases which can penetrate bulk of grain but should be used by trained personnel.
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