Management and Practices in Abattoir


There are two main management systems are in practice in abattoir.

System 1

  • This system may be of Central or State government or of local government like municipal boards, Co-operatives or any private enterprise.
  • Permanent staff of workers may be employed by the authority to carry out the slaughterhouse operations.
  • In this system the organisation either takes over the livestock from the owners and return it to traders. 

System 2

  • In this system the management only hires the place to private owners, who bear the responsibility for butchering operations with their own or hired labour.


  • In system 1, the abattoir is divided into sections for each operational stage.
  • All are connected by overhead rail system and each section has its own staff specially trained. 
  • When the chain or line system is operated for slaughter and dressing of animals, work is carried out while the animals are hanging from a track bar or rail, along which they are slowly and continuously pushed by a mechanical conveyor or chain. 
  • Men work in a team and the work on each animal is subdivided among them.
  • A definite part of every animal is allotted to each person and he must confine his activities to the part assigned to him. 
  • To prevent staleness setting in and resulting in the lowering of efficiency, each worker is assigned a new job at regulated intervals.
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