Classification of Carbohydrates

Classification of Carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates are widely distributed in plants in which they are formed from carbon dioxide of the atmosphere by photosynthesis. They may be broadly classified as follows.

    1. Monosaccharides
    • Biose C2H4O2 eg: Glycolic aldehyde
    • Trioses C3H6O3 eg: Glyceraldehyde & dihydroxy acetone
    • Tetroses C4H8O4 Eg Erythrose, threose
    • Pentose C5H10O5 Eg Arabinose, xylose, ribose & deoxyribose
    • Hexoses C6H12O6 Eg Glucose, fructose & galactose

    • C12H22O11 eg: - Sucrose, lactose & maltose

    • a) pentosans
    eg: Arabon, xlyan

    b) Hexosans
    • Starch, dextrin, glycogen
    • Cellulose, inulin, mannan & galactan

    4. Complex polysaccharides
    • Hemicellulose, gums, mucilages and pectins

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