I) Monosaccharides


    Hexoses (C6H12O6)
    • Hexoses are divided into 2 groups
    • a) Aldoses are sugars containing aldehyde group.
    • eg: glucose, galactose and mannose
    • b) Ketoses are sugars containing a ketone group
    • eg: fructose
    Glucose (Dextrose) – (Blood glucose)
    • Glucose serves as the main source of energy in the body.
    • Normal human blood contains about 80-100 mg of glucose per 100ml of blood.
    This level is maintained constantly in healthy subjects.
    Fructose (Levulose, fruit sugar)

    • Fructose occurs in the free state along with glucose in many fruits (2-5 per cent) and honey (30-40 per cent).
    • It is utilised by the body as a source of energy.
    Galactose :
    • It does not occur in the free state but occurs as a constitute of lactose present in milk.

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