Functions of carbohydrates

Functions of carbohydrates and sources

    Carbohydrates have a variety of functions in the animal and human body.

    i. Supply energy for body functions and for doing work.

    ii. Essential for the oxidation of fats

    iii. Exert a sparing action on proteins.

    iv. Provide the carbon skeletonfor the synthesis of some non-essential amino acids

    v. Present in tissue constituents.

    vi. Add flavour to the diet.

    Best sources: Rice, wheat, ragi, maize, potato, tapioca, sweet potato, yam and colocasia, pulses, sugar and jaggery, honey, fruit and vegetables.

    Good sources: Banana, apple, plantain, dried fruits

    Dietary reference intake

    45% to 65% of an adult total caloric intake should come from carbohydrate foods.

    Means 225 to 325g of CHO for a 2000kcal/day diet

    Recommended fiber: choosing carbohydrates contain whole grain cereals, legumes, vegetables, & fruits.

    Sugars no more than 25% of total calories.

    Dietary guidelines
    As in food guide pyramid: grains, fruits, & vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet.
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