Livestock Insurance in India


Objects of Livestock Insurance

  • To guarantee the farmer and livestock owner , the compensation for loss due to the death of the insured animal.
  • To enable the livestock owner to repay the loan given to him for purchase of animals to the bank .
  • In case of permanent or total or disability of draught animals or the permanent loss of quarters in milch cows, 75% of the insured value is paid to the animal owner.
  • To enable livestock owner to get fresh loans again for purchasing similar type of animals.

Conditions for Insurance

  • Livestock owners are required to fulfill the following conditions in regard to the animals intended to be insured:
  • Provide suitable housing accommodation having byres with sufficient space for manger, watertroughs and suitable housing for poultry.
  • Offer good and balanced feed to the animal(s).
  • Animals must be free from ecto and endo-parasites and be treated periodically for parasites.
  • Animals must be protected against bacterial and viral diseases like anthrax, blackquarter, haemorrhagic septicaemia and foot-and-mouth disease.
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